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== Archival documents ==
== Archival documents ==
*[[Media: |Section petition documents]]
*[[Media:Region 10 - Thailand Section.pdf|Section petition documents]]
*[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document_-_Thailand.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Thailand]]  
*[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document_-_Thailand.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Thailand]]  

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IEEE Thailand Section History
Established date 1977-11-09
IEEE Region 10
IEEE Council
Geographic region Thailand
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In 1977, Mr. Soonthorn Chengpiphat initiated of the setting up the IEEE Thailand Section by gathering the signatures from IEEE members in Thailand and forwarded to IEEE Headoffice for approval. IEEE approved the Section formation petition on the 9 November 1977.

In 1978, Dr. Ivan Getting contacted Mr. Jack Bailhe and Mr. Sanay Sridaranop to follow up the formation of the IEEE Thailand Section, and they have got in touch with Mr.Kamthon Sindhavananda who is a senior member to proceed the establishment of IEEE Thailand Section. In the same year, Mr. Paul Carroll, the Director of IEEE, visited Bangkok to assist the expansion of the Section. The informal meeting was held between Mr. Jack Bailhe, Mr. Kamthon Sindhvananda, Mr. Surasak Senawong, Mr. Sanay Sridaranop, Mr. Soonthorn Chengpiphat and Mr.Charmon Suthiphongchai.

In April 1979, the eighteen people from thirteen different organizations and educational institutes attended the meeting at Erawan Hotel, and Mr. Kamthon Sindhvananda expressed his intention to promote the membership in order to support the activities of IEEE Thailand Section when it is set up.

On 26 November 1979, the first General Meeting of IEEE Thailand Section was held and Mr.Kamthon Sindhvananda was elected as the Chairman, Mr. Prayong Ansusinha-Vice Chairman, and Mr. Charmon Suthiphongchai-Secretary/Treasurer to be Section Officers for the year 1980.Thailand Section By-laws were prepared by the Executive Committee and approved by the Region 10 Director in 1980. On May 16,1980, the IEEE Thailand Section's library was set up at the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. Region-10 Committee meeting was held on September 19-20, 1981 in Bangkok.

The IEEE President, Dr. Richard W. Damon and Executive Directtor, Mr. Eric Herz and Dr. James Owens attended this meeting. About thirty members from India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan joined the Committee Meeting. So far, the Section is trying to promote the number of members and it is gradually increasing.


In August 2013, the section establishes a chapter in the IEEE Education Society.
In November 2013, the section establishes a chapter in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Chapter

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