IEEE Latvia Section History

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IEEE Latvia Section History
Established date 2008-02-16
IEEE Region 8
IEEE Council
Geographic region Latvia
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The IEEE Latvia Section is part of Region 8 and covers the area of the Republic of Latvia.

The first talks about foundation of IEEE Latvia Section started in 2004, when IEEE Lithuania Section Officers visiting Riga Technical University. Finally, in 2007, during the meeting of European Nordic and Baltic countries IEEE Section officers, which was held in Riga, IEEE members from Latvia formed petition for the creation of Latvia Section.

IEEE Latvia Section was founded February 16, 2008, with the first elected Chair Professor Leonids Ribickis. Since its creation, the Latvia Section has been working professionally in various activities, mainly within the city of Riga.

Section Officers

Professor Leonids Ribickis is holding the position of Honorary Section Chair from Jan-1-2016.

Year Chair Vice Chair Secretary Treasurer
2008 Armands Srazds – Deputy Chair
2009 Leonids Ribickis
Elmars Bekeris Armands Srazds Atis Kapenieks
2010 Leonids Ribickis Andrejs Romanovs Oskars Krievs Atis Kapenieks
2011 Leonids Ribickis Andrejs Romanovs Oskars Krievs Atis Kapenieks 
2012 Andrejs Romanovs Leonids Ribickis Arnis Lektauers Yuri Merkuryev 
2013 Andrejs Romanovs Leonids Ribickis Arnis Lektauers Yuri Merkuryev 
2014 Leonids Ribickis Andrejs Romanovs Oskars Krievs Yuri Merkuryev 
2015 Leonids Ribickis Andrejs Romanovs Oskars Krievs Yuri Merkuryev 
2016 Andrejs Romanovs Oskars Krievs Anastasia Zhiravetska Nadezhda Kunicina
2017 Andrejs Romanovs Peteris Apse-Apsitis Anastasija Zhiravetska Nadezhda Kunicina
2018 Nadezhda Kunicina Armands Senfelds Anastasija Zhiravetska Andrejs Romanovs


As of 1 January 2018, the IEEE Latvia Section has a total of 150 active members:

  • Life Member - 2
  • Senior Member - 8
  • Member - 85
  • Associate Member - 2
  • Graduate Student Member - 33
  • Student Member - 19

Chapters/Affinity Groups/Student branches

The Baltic Cooperation

The IEEE Latvia Section participates in a group titled the Baltic Cooperation, which consists of the following IEEE Sections: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia North-West, and Sweden. The objective of the IEEE Baltic Cooperation is to create a functioning collaboration between the Baltic Region sections which shall result in common activities, such as; joint events, joint chapters and common utilization of IEEE resources.

Major Events

  • October 2009, Celebration of 125th Anniversary of IEEE. Plenary report: “Scientific Research in Riga Technical University in 2009”, speaker Professor Leonids Ribickis, attendance: more than 200 IEEE members and guests from different countries.
  • May 2010, IEEE Region 8 94th Committee Meeting in Riga, Latvia, May 7-9, 2010. Region 8 Committee awarded Latvia Section for Exemplary Service and Dedication as a host of the 94th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting.
  • February 2011, Technical Co-sponsor of 2011 Baltic Congress on Future Internet Communications BCFIC Riga 2011
  • June 2011, first IEEE Distinguished Lecturers Program’ Lection in Latvia, Prof. Manos M.Tentzeris, "Inkjet-Printed Paper/Polymer-Based "Green" RFID and Wireless Sensor Nodes: The Final Step to Bridge Cognitive Intelligence, Nanotechnology and RF"
  • October 2012, Technical Co-sponsor of 1st Congress of World Engineers and Riga Polytechnical Institute
  • June 2013, Technical Co-Sponsor of the EUNIS 2013 Congress “ICT role for Next Generation Universities”
  • November 2013, Co-Organizer of the 1st IEEE workshop on Advances in Information, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, organized by Latvia and Lithuania Sections
  • August 2014, Technical Co-Sponsor of the European BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) Engineering Competition 2014 Final
  • August 2014, Technical Co-Sponsor of the Sociotechnical Systems Modelling summer school, organized by Rezeknes University, Riga Technical University, University of Latvia and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
  • August 2014, Signing of LIKTA-IEEE National Society Agreement (NSA)
  • October 2014, Technical Co-Sponsor of the 55th International Scientific Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering of Riga Technical University (RTUCON)
  • November 2014, Co-Organizer of the 2nd IEEE workshop on Advances in Information, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, organized by Lithuania and Latvia Sections, November 28–29, 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania

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