IEEE Kolkata Section History

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Way back in 1971 members of IEEE over the entire Eastern and North Eastern region of India got together to form the Eastern Regional Section of IEEE, in India. Mr. Alak Ghose was the founder Chairman of this Section. After the formation of the India Council the Eastern Regional Section was given the name of Calcutta SubSection under the Delhi Section of IEEE, India. Through the pioneering efforts of Mr. K.B. Subramaniam who took over form Mr. Alak Ghose in 1974 as Chairman. The Calcutta Sub-Section was raised to the status of a full section in the year 1976. Because of the vastness of the area covered by this section, there were problems of communication and co-ordinated activities have been more or less confined to Calcutta and Kharagpur. This Section has now one Sub-Section at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and 2 student branches, one at the Jadavpur University and the other of the Institute of Technology.
On the average 2 lecture meetings, 6 seminars and 2 continuing education courses are held. The Section has always been represented at the Region 10 meetings. The present Chairman of the Section is Mr. Alak Ghose and the Secretary, Dr.(Mrs.) Shibani Das.