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The IEEE Karachi Section is located in IEEE Region 10 named as IEEE Asia-Pacific Region. It was formed as Sub-Section on 22 May 1978, and later on upgraded to Section on 17 July 1982. It is one of the three Sections in Pakistan - Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Pakistan also have a sub-section at Peshawar as well. IEEE Karachi Section is located in the Southern part of Pakistan and comprises of two Provinces namely, Sindh and Balochistan. 

The IEEE Karachi Section also have Chapters of Computer Society and Communications Society and Affinity Group of GOLD (Graduates of Last Decade). IEEE Karachi Section have 24 student entities which includes 15 IEEE Student Branches, 5 IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Groups, 3 IEEE Student Chapters and IEEE Region 10 GINI Project in the cities of Karachi, Jamshoro, and Quetta.

In 2010, the section is in its 33rd year of working.  Unnoticed Section's birthday on May 22, 2010 (32 Years Old).  During these so many years, Section has seen many ups and downs. The IEEE Karachi Section was very active till December 2004 and then reactivated in May 2008 under the leadership of S. Imranul Haque, Chair, IEEE Karachi Section. The IEEE Karachi Section have organized and participated in several national and international events both at Student and Professional levels, which includes seminars, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, poster competitions, website competitions, project exhibitions, and workshops.

IEEE Student Entities

IEEE Karachi Section have 24 Student Entities and two are in approval process. These include:

  1. IEEE NEDUET Student Branch, Karachi (1983; Reactivated 1998 and 2008)
  2. IEEE IIEE Student Branch, Karachi (1999)
  3. IEEE UIT Student Branch, Karachi (2000)
  4. IEEE NUCES (FAST) Student Branch, Karachi (2001)
  5. IEEE HIIT Student Branch, Karachi (September 05, 2002)
  6. IEEE GSESIT Student Branch, Karachi (September 05, 2003)
  7. IEEE MUET Student Branch, Jamshoro
  8. IEEE JUW Student Branch, Karachi (2005) |
  9. IEEE PIMSAT Student Branch, Karachi
  10. IEEE SZABIST Student Branch, Karachi
  11. IEEE Bahria University Student Branch, Karachi
  12. IEEE PNEC Student Branch, Karachi
  13. IEEE BUITEMS Student Branch, Quetta (May 14, 2009)
  14. IEEE University of Sindh Student Branch, Jamshoro (March 29, 2010)
  15. IEEE Iqra University Student Branch, Karachi (April 02, 2010)
  16. IEEE NEDUET WIE Student AG, Karachi (September 29, 2008)
  17. IEEE BUITEMS WIE Student AG, Quetta (August 05, 2009)
  18. IEEE PNEC WIE Student AG, Karachi (October 06, 2009)
  19. IEEE HIIT WIE Student AG, Karachi (July 16, 2010)
  20. IEEE JUW WIE Student AG, Karachi (August 25, 2010) | 
  21. IEEE NUCES Computer Society Chapter, Karachi (June 08, 2009) 
  22. IEEE NUCES Communications Society Chapter, Karachi
  23. IEEE NUCES Robotics and Automation Society Chapter, Karachi (April 16, 2010)
  24. IEEE GINI (Global Integrated Network of IEEE) Pakistan (May 2008)

Following Student Entities are under review for approval from IEEE Headquarters:

  1. IEEE NUCES WIE Student AG, Karachi
  2. IEEE PAF-KIET Student Branch, Karachi

IEEE Karachi Section Office Bearers

The office bearers of IEEE Karachi Section for 2010 are:

Parkash Lohana - Chair []

Muhammad Shahab Siddiqui - Vice Chair []

Muhammad Yasir Khan - Secretary []

Shoaib Feroz - Treasurer []

Hassaan Idrees - Section Student Representative []

Regular Events 

IEEE Karachi Section organized following regular events (year-by-year) in relation with Industry and Academia:

  • IEEE INMIC - International Multitopic Conference
  1. INMIC 2002 - KIIT
  2. INMIC 2005 - FAST-NU
  3. INMIC 2008 - Bahria University
  • IEEE SCONEST - Student Conference on Engineering Sciences and Technology
  1. SCONEST 2003 - HIIT, Hamdard University 
  2. SCONEST 2004 - JUW and PAF-KIET
  3. SCONEST 2005 - NEDUET
  • IEEE PSC - Pakistan Student Congress
  1. PSC 2007 - FAST-NU
  2. PSC 2010 - UIT
  • IEEE KSSC - Karachi Section Student Congress (2008 at IEEE PNEC SB)
  • IEEE ICIET - International Conference on Information and Emerging Technologies organized by FAST-NU (2007 and 2010)
  • IEEE IC4 - International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication organized by PNEC (2007 and 2009)
  • IEEE ICICT - International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies organized by IBA (2009)
  • IEEE e-Indus organized by IEEE IIEE SB (Since 2000)

Activities in 2008

After its reactivation in May, IEEE Karachi Section try to streamline the relations with Industry and Academia. Academia was most favouring in response.

Students from IEEE Karachi Section particiapted in 2nd IEEE Pakistan Student Congress held at IEEE GCUF, Faisalabad in August 16-18, 2008. December 2008, was a special month for the Section when two activities were held next to eachother. They were 12th IEEE International Multitopic Conference 2008 (INMIC 2008) held during 23-24 December at Bahria University, Karachi and First IEEE Karachi Section Student Congress 2008 (KSSC 2008) on December 26, 2008 at IEEE PNEC Student Branch.

Activities in 2009

IEEE Karachi Section have an eventful year of 2009. We held two professional IEEE conferences - 2nd IEEE IC4 2009 at Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi in February 2009 and other was 3rd IEEE ICICT 2009 organized by IBA Karachi and held at Hotel Ramada International, Karachi on 15-16 August 2009. IEEE Karachi Section was extended to Quetta, Balochistan yet another city and another province in form of IEEE BUITEMS Student Branch. IEEE Karachi Section Newsletter was started and launched its first issue in May 2009 designed and developed by IEEE NUCES Student Branch. Second issue was designed and developed by IEEE NEDUET Student Branch in September 2009.

Students from IEEE Karachi Section particiapted in 3rd IEEE Pakistan Student Congress held at NUST-SEECS, Islamabad in May 2009 and in IEEE 125th Anniversary Asia-Pacific Student Congress held in Singapore in July 2009. IEEE eIndus 2009 was organized by IEEE IIEE Student Branch in April 2009. INFORMATICS was organized by IEEE NEDUET Student Branch in August 2009. IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition 2009 was organized at IEEE NUCES (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences) Student Branch on 24th October 2009. As an Industry-Academia Liaison, IEEE Karachi Section in under-going with a reverse engineering project on "Solar Geaser" at IEEE PNEC Student Branch with the sponsorship of Engro Chemicals Pakistan.

IEEE Karachi Section got three prestigeous awards in 2009 - R10 Larry K . Wilson Award and Richard E. Merwin Scholarship were achieved by Ravendar Lal, Student Volunteer of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi Campus. Won Bronze Honours in Green Technology an Innovative Idea Competition sponsored by IEEE Singapore Section Power and Energy Society Chapter – in IEEE 125th Anniversary Asia-Pacific Student Congress at Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore from 16th–19th July ‘09. The team comprises of student volunteers from Bangladesh, China, India, Korea, and Pakistan. The team lead by Saqib Munawwar, who was also the First Section Student Representative of IEEE Karachi Section and Student Volunteer of Hamdard Institute of Information Technology, Karachi.

IEEE Karachi Section are also active part of IEEE GINI Project of IEEE Region 10.

Activities in 2010

The Annual General Meeting 2009 was held at DA Sunset Club, Karachi on February 18, 2010. The IEEE Karachi Section celeberated IEEE 125th Anniversary Celebrations at Iqra University, Karachi on February 20, 2010. Also trying to extend its horizon of Student Branches to another city - Nawabshah (at QUEST). The IEEE Karachi Section already exists in Karachi, Jamshoro, and Quetta, which are the cities of Sindh and Balochistan Provinces.

Under the leadership of Parkash Lohana, hoping for better IEEE Karachi Section in 2010. The IEEE Karachi Section for the first time participated in any exhibition, Connect IT 2010 which was held during May 08-10, 2010 at Karachi Expo Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.  Section also arrange stalls for Hamdard University, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Iqra University, and Usman Institute of Technology.  All universities displayed their Final Year Projects, which were well witnessed by the exhibition audiance and students get good exposure and response from Industry and R&D companies.

2nd IEEE International Conference on Information and Emerging Technologies (ICIET 2010) was organized from June 14 to 16, 2010 at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi Campus. IEEE Karachi Section was one of the partners in ICIET 2010. During the process of review of the conference ICIET 2010 received 260 papers and after two-tier review process 74 papers were selected. Two foreign keynote speakers were there. Dr. Sang Lyul Min, Professor from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea gave presentation on “The Process of Flash Memory” and Dr. Abbas Zaidi, Research Associate Professor from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA on “New trends in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence”. A Panel Discussion on the topic “Pros and Cons of Social Media”.

Doctoral Symposium was held along with ICIET 2010 on June 15, 2010. 6 PhD Students from 3 different universities namely, GIKI, Hamdard University and FAST-NU participated in it. Their research topics are Tunable Metamaterials, Community Algorithm, Data Management in Ad-hoc Networks, Context Aware Workflows, Data Provenance, and Context Aware Sensor GRID for Agriculture.

4th IEEE Pakistan Student Congress 2010 (PSC 2010) was organized by Usman Institute of Technology on October 29-31, 2010.  Delegates from IEEE Sections and IEEE Student Branches from Lahore and Islamabad participated in it.  During IEEE PSC 2010, we had CIO Campus Coversation, GOLD AG Presentations, Leadership Seminars, Career / Study Guidance Seminars, WIE Session, and First IEEE Ethics Competition.

Joint IEEE Sections Meeting was held on October 29, 2010 at Boat Club, Karachi.  Delegates from IEEE Lahore Section and IEEE Islamabad Section along with ExCom Members of IEEE Karachi Section discuss on issues related to INMIC, CSS Joint Chapter, relation with IEEEP, and Project Proposal of IEEE Flood Fund.

The IEEE Karachi Section is planning to have Region 10 Distinguish Lecture in last quarter of 2010.

From 2010, IEEE Karachi Section will be issuing newsletter bi-annually. First issue (July 2010) developed by our newly established Student Branch at University of Sindh (IICT).  It covered the period of January to June 2010 and approved in ExCom Meeting on August 10, 2010.  IEEE UIT Student Branch will be responsible for the second issue, which will cover period from July to December 2010 and will appear in January 2011.

Activities in 2011

The Annual General Meeting 2010 will be held at DA Sunset Club, Karachi on January 25, 2011. The IEEE Karachi Section will also be having 3 International Conferences during 2011.  Namely, ICICT 2011 at IBA, Karachi (MoU to be signed), INMIC 2011 at SSUET (MoU to be signed), and Conference at PAF-KIET (MoU to be signed).

IEEE Karachi Section Computer Society Chapter

The office bearers for 2010 are:

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khoja - Chair []

Activities in 2009

Following Computer Society activities were chaired by Dr. Roshan Shaikh in 2009 were:


  • “Towards the Development of Community Algorithm” by Muhammad Shahab Siddiqui on February 7, 2009
  • “Ontology Approach Towards Databases” by Muhammad Rafi at FAST‐NU on April 4, 2009
  • “Agent Based Systems in Mapping of a Human Mind", A lecture by Dr. Roshan Shaikh at Iqra University on October 3, 2009
  • “Innovation in the Business of Education” by Dr. Roshan Shaikh at Iqra University on November 7, 2009
  • “New Horizons in the Software Development Systems” by Dr. Roshan Shaikh at Iqra University on December 5, 2009


  • “Research and Publication Methods for Engineers” by Dr. Nadeem at Iqra University on March 7, 2009


  • “Collaborative Role of Academia and Business” by Dr. Roshan Shaikh at Iqra University on January 3, 2009
  • “Network Security and Risk Management” by Dr. Roshan Shaikh at Iqra University on February 7, 2009

IEEE Karachi Section Communications Society Chapter

The office bearers for 2010 are:

Prof. Dr. Engr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry - Chair []

Activities in 2009

Following activities of Communication Society chaired by Dr. Mohammad Shahid Shaikh in 2009 were:

Workshop on “Stochastic Processes in Communication Theory” at FAST‐NU on May 11, 2009

  • “Network Survivability Performance Evaluation: A Quantitative Approach with Applications in Wireless Adhoc Networks” by Nadim Kafi Khan
  • “Finite‐State Markov Modeling of Fading Channels: A survey of principles and applications” by Muhammad Irshad Nazeer
  • “Importance Analysis with Markov Chains” by Muhammad Rafi
    ◦ “Reverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks” by Nouman Durrani
  • “Why Gaussianity?” by Asim Amin


  • “Impact of Small Satellites on Space‐Based Solution to Problems” by Ing. Giorgio Perrotta, General Manager, pacesSys, Italy at IICT, MUET on September 5, 2009
  • “Pros and Cons of Network Coding” by Nadim Kafi Khan at FAST‐NU on October 19, 2009
  • “Network Coding” by Nouman Durrani at FAST‐NU on October 26, 2009

IEEE Karachi Section GOLD Affinity Group

The office bearers for 2010 are:

Dania Hanif - Chair

Ravendar Lal - Vice Chair

Muhammad Qasim Pasta - Secretary

Muhammad Saad - Treasurer

Activities in 2009

Following GOLD events were organized:

  • IEEE Career Counseling Meet 2009 on 16th May 2009 at PNEC
  • 35 student members + 200 other participated
  • 20+ internships + 100+ students counseling
  • Microsoft Web Technologies Workshop on 16‐17th October 2009 at PNEC
  • PLC Training on 30th October 2009 at Siemens


  • “Telenor Pakistan Success Story” by Ahsan Raza, Consultant, LCC
  • “Banking IT Sector” by Mansoor, Sr HR Manager, TPS 1Link
  • “Embedded Systems Trends” by Zafar Khan, CTO, WaveTec
  • “Telecom Industry” by Mohsin Jafri,
  • Several GOLD introductory lectures at Universities

Section Volunteers

IEEE Karachi Section likes to appreciate the services of IEEE volunteers for their contributions towards the working of effective Section.  These volunteers includes:

Abdul Jabbar Bozdar, Abdul Mohamed N. Sheriff, Abdur Rahman Javaid Shaikh, Abid Karim, Adeel Nafees, Ammar Faheem, Anum Ansari Kamran, Anum Sayani, Arsalan Minhas, Arsalan Tariq Mir, Ashab Mirza, Asif Zia, Asim-ur-Rehman Khan, Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Dania Hanif, Fasih Ahmed Masood, Hira Wajahat Malik, Huma Tarique, Jason F. Pereira, Khurram Hussain, Mohammad Shahid Shaikh, Muhammad Junaid Khan, Muhammad Mashood Alam, Muhammad Mohiuddin, Muhammad Qasim Pasta, Muhammad Saad, Muhammad Salman Atique, Muhammad Shahab Siddiqui, Muhammad Yasir Khan, Neelma Bhatti, Nimra Kazmi, Nimrah Parvez Hashmi, Noman Palijo, Om Perkash Batra, Parkash Lohana, Raisul Haque Adnan (Late), Ravendar Lal, Roshan Shaikh, Saqib Munawwar, Shahid Suleman Jan, Shaikh Imranul Haque, Shakeel Ahmed Khoja, Shoaib Feroz, Sohaib Qamer, Sana Siddiqui, Sana Syed, Sophia Hasnain, Syed Ahmed Fuad, Syed Ali Asad Rizvi, Syed Hassan Idrees, Syed Kashif Ali Alvi, Tariq Rahim Soomro, Uzair Saeed, Vali Uddin, Yasar Noor, and Zubair Ahmed Shaikh