IEEE Japan Council History

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Council History

The IEEE Japan Council was formed on 25 June 1999 for the purpose of providing a centralized coordinating organization of all eight Sections in Japan. It represents the following Sections:

  • Sapporo Section (Hokkaido area)
  • Sendai Section (Tohoku area)
  • Tokyo Section(Kanto area)
  • Shin-etsu Section(Shin-etsu area)
  • Nagoya Section(Tokai/Hokuriku area)
  • Kansai Section(Kansai area)
  • Hiroshima Section(Chugoku area)
  • Shikoku Section(Shikoku area)
  • Fukuoka Section(Kyushu area)

Japan Council History Committee

The Japan Council History Committee (JCHC) was established in 2006, and started its activities following the mission and objectives:

  • To promote and increase the evaluation for the history of Japanese technology in electrical, electronic, and computing engineering in cooperation with the IEEE History Center.
  • To find the past achievements valuable as Milestone, and promote the application to the IEEE Milestone cooperating with the sections or chapters. Also to preserve the records of the past Milestone in Japan to promote the exploitation of them.

The JCHC has been devastatingly active promoting the recognition of IEEE Milestones in Region 10, and up to 2009, was the only Country in Region 10 to have recognised IEEE Milestones in place!