IEEE Dallas Section History

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers was officially organized in 1963 through teh merger of two prior preofessional organizations: The American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). A lot of effort was expended by many individuals in forming the IEEE. A committee was established to develop teh planned merger of teh two organizations. Dr. Lyod Berkner, president of the AIEE, and past national president of the IRE; and Mr. Patrick E. Haggerty, president of the IRE at the time of the merger and first president of the IEEE, were instrumental in bringing about the merger of the organization. A Dallas branch of the AIEE had existed prior to the merger since 1956.

Past Chairmen of the Dallas Branch of the AIEE are listed below:

1956 Crandell

1957 Chadwick

1958 Tatum

1959 Robuck

1960 Sandlin

1961 Martin

1962 Fikar

1963 Reynolds

Officers of the Dallas-Ft Worth IRE Section

A Dallas Section of the IRE had existed prior to the merger since 1941. Officers of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Section of the IRE 1941-1963 are listed below.  Officers before 1953-54 served until June.  Starting in 1953, the officers's terms began on July 1st.

Chariman D.A. Peterson
Vice-Chairman Truett L. Kimzey
Secretary/Treasurer Paul C. Barnes
Chairman Truett L. Kimzey
Vice-Chairman R.E. Beam
Secretary/Treasurer Paul C. Barnes
Chairman Homer E. Applegate
Vice-Chairman Durward J. Tucker
Secretary/Treasurer Paul C. Barnes
Chairman Durward J. Tucker
Vice-Chairman Nelson F. Barrett
Secretary/Treasurer Paul C. Barnes
Chairman J.D. Mathis
Vice-Chairman Truett L. Kimzey
Secretary/Treasurer B.B. Honeycutt
Chairman Roy M. Flynn
Vice-Chairman Robert A. Broding
Secretary/Treasurer J.G. Rountree
Chairman Robert A. Broding
Vice-Chairman J.G. Rountree
Secretary/Treasurer Alfred S. LeVelle
Chairman J.G. Rountree
Vice-Chairman Alfred S. LeVelle
Secretary/Treasurer John H. Homsey
Chairman Alfred S. LeVelle
Vice-Chairman John H. Homsey
Secretary/Treasurer R.A. Arnett
Chairman John H. Homsey
Vice-Chairman E.A. Hegar
Secretary/Treasurer R.A. Arnett
Chairman E.A. Hegar
Vice-Chairman R.A. Arnett
Secretary/Treasurer John K. Godbey
Chairman R.A. Arnett
Vice-Chairman John K. Godbey
Secretary/Treasurer John A. Green
Chairman John K. Godbey
Vice-Chairman John A. Green
Secretary/Treasurer Mark W. Bullock
Chairman John A. Green
Vice-Chairman Mark W. Bullock
Secretary/Treasurer Gordon K. Teal
Chairman Mark W. Bullock
Vice-Chairman Gordon K. Teal
Secretary/Treasurer O. Frank Seay, Jr.
Chairman Gordon K. Teal
Vice-Chairman Frank Seay
Secretary/Treasurer John Albano
Chairman Frank Seay
Vice-Chairman John Albano
Secretary/Treasurer Thomas B. Moseley
Chairman John Albano
Vice-Chairman Thomas B. Moseley
Secretary/Treasurer H. T. Wisseman
Chairman Thomas B. Moseley
Vice-Chairman H. T. Wisseman
Secretary/Treasurer Tom Prickett
Chairman H.T. Wisseman
Vice-Chairman Tom Prickett
Secretary-Treasurer L.B. Wadel
Chairman Tom Prickett
Vice-Chairman L.B. Wadel
Secretary/Treasurer H.E. Sorrows
Chairman L.B. Wadel
Vice-Chairman H.E. Sorrows
Secretary/Treasurer W.D. Mitchell

Dallas Section IEEE Incorporation

The Dallas Section of thw IEEE was organized in 1963. Merging the local branches of the AIEE and the IRE was a difficult task. It was decided that elected officals should include a Vice-Chairman-Electrical to represent the previous members of the AIEE and the a Vice-Chairman-Electronics to represent the previous members of the IRE. Other elected officers were the Chairman, Executive Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. It was agreed by the early founders that the chairmanship would alternate between the electrical and electronic members. Elected officers served for twleve months beginning July 1.

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