IEEE Benelux Section History

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The Benelux Section was the “First Section to be established in Europe, and the only section to cover more than one country!”  It is located in Region 8.  Thanks to Bruce Barrow for the material.


Letter 16th March 1959 to IRE, Signed by Bruce B. Barrow, Pierre Bartholomé, Edmund B. Staples, H. Paul Williams.

"A number of us who are employed at SADTC (from 5 countries) are convinced that there would be considerable advantage to the IRE and its members in this part of Europe, if a Section of the IRE were formally organized here.
Some prominent Dutch engineers, Mr. Rinia in particular, have indicated enthusiastic support for such an idea as well.
Proposal: Benelux Section embracing Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg 10 signatures can be obtained quickly within The Hague alone. What are the special difficulties encountered in establishing Sections outside North America? One of our important goals is to stimulate some student activity in the Benelux.


30 March 1959 : Petition to the Board of Directors IRE to form an IRE Section to include the territory of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
13 May 1959 : Approval by the Board of Directors
22 June 1959 : Nomination of Section officers at meeting at SHAPE Air Defense Technical Center, Den Haag

Chair, Herre Rinia, Fellow IRE, Former Vice-president IRE, Director of Research Philips Research Laboratories

Vice-chair, Vitold Belevitch, Senior member IRE, Director Comite d´Etude et d´Exploitation des Calculateurs Electroniques, Bruxelles
Secretary / Treasurer, Bruce B. Barrow, Member IRE, Scientist Treasurer SHAPE Air Defense Technical Center, Den Haag