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About IEEE Awards

Awards Judging, IEEE Headquarters, 1970. All judges are key advertising and agency executives from GE, XEROX, Eastman Kodak, Westinghouse, etc. The smiling man standing to the left of the man in black glasses at the table's center is William ("Bill") R. Saunders who was Spectrum's advertising director in 1969 and was Spectrum's Associate Publisher.

IEEE and its predecessors societies have long given awards to recognize a variety of outstanding achievements in fields of interest. IEEE's Edison Medal was first awarded by predecessor AIEE in 1909 to Elihu Thomson; IEEE's Medal of Honor, the Insitute's highest award, was first awarded by predecessor IRE in 1917 to Edwin H. Armstrong.

IEEE Awards are overseen by the IEEE Awards Board, a standing committee of the IEEE Board of Directors. There is a complete year-by-year list of Awards Board members available here.

As of 2018, IEEE awarded in addition to these two medals, fourteen other medals, thirty-one technical field awards, two IEEE service awards, one corporate recognitions, two prize paper awards, honorary memberships, one scholarship, one fellowship, a staff award, and one co-sponsored award. Many of the the awards are presented to their recipient at an annual IEEE Honors Ceremony.

Descriptions of each award, accompanied by lists of the winners, can be found here.

For citations of the medal winners through 1984, see section one of the IEEE book A Century of Honors.

List of IEEE Awards


Technical Field Awards


Service Awards

Corporate Recognitions

Fellowships and Scholarships

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