Horace P. Liversidge

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Horace P. Liversidge
Horace P. Liversidge
Norristown, PA
Death date


Horace Preston Liversidge was born in Norristown, PA in 1878. He graduated from Drexel in 1897 and shortly afterwards was employed by the Edison Electric Light Company of Philadelphia. Liversidge worked his way up through the company, serving as vice-president in 1924, vice-president and general manager in 1926, a director in 1936, president in 1938, and chairman of the board in 1947. For his work he received the James H. McGraw Award "... in recognition of his distinguished contribution to the advancement of co-operation in the electrical industry."

Liversidge received the honorary degree of doctor of engineering in 1940 from the Stevens Institute of Technology, and the degree of doctor of science in commerce in 1943 from the Drexel Institute of Technology.

Liversidge was chair of the AIEE Philadelphia Section in 1916-17, and chair of the ASME Philadelphia section in 1920. He served as a director of the AIEE in 1929-30, and was a Fellow of the AIEE. He served on the following AIEE committees: Meetings and Papers (1920-21); Power Stations (1918-24, Chairman 1920-21); Electrical Machinery (1923-24); Edison Medal (1927-29); and Code of Principles of Professional Conduct (1928-29).