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(The first work at Texas Instruments on silicon epitaxial R and D.)
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 A beginning of Epitaxial Growth R and D at Texas Instruments

In the summer of 1960 I worked for Walter Runyan.  Walt came in one day, while I was working on Si solar cell calibration and some photovoltaic devices as I recall, asked me to look into epitaxial growth.Ok.  Three weeks later, Walt asked me what I was doing on silicon epy.  Where is it being done and how do you spell it?  Its on the back dock (of the new Material's Building).  I went out later and found it in a converted broom closet.  Walt asked me somewhat later if I had found the reactor.  "Yes", I said, "but it can't be important; it is in a broom closet".  "Jerry", he said, "you couldn't be more wrong".  Our epi group later grew to 4 more engineers.  I later had the second publication on the subject:

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