Education:Telecommunication, the Civil War and War of 21st Century


Social Studies 9th 11th, 12th, Special Education

Time Required for Completed Lesson

Approximately five class sessions



Common Core State Standards

RL 9-10.1. Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.

RL. 9-10.10. By the end of grade 9, read and comprehend literary nonfiction in the grade 9 text complexity band proficiency, with scaffolding as needed at the high end of the range.


Computer with internet access, overhead projector, copies of KWL chart

Anticipatory Set

1. Students will be given a copy of the KWL chart – a copy will be placed on the overhead projector. Students will be asked to list all that they know about the Civil War and put these things in the “K” column. The procedure will be demonstrated to the students by the instructor. The teacher will ask the students how the military communicated during the Civil War, and students will be instructed to write these things under the ‘W’ column.

After students read the non-fictional document/s on the Civil War, teacher will instruct the students to complete the ‘L’ column on the KWL chart showing what they have learned as a result of reading the non-fictional document/s. on communication during the Civil War. Teacher will place the KWL chart on the overhead again and fill in the missing information as the students feeds it to the teacher.

2. Teacher will do guided reading on the History of Communication during the Civil War. Teacher will tell students how the military communicated during the Civil War, such a telegraph, newspaper and photography

3. Students will view the video Communication during the Civil War.


1. Readings and questions: Use of differing reading levels will allow the teacher to differentiate within the class. Make use of various reading strategies such as: Shared Reading, Jig-Saw Reading and teacher read ‘out loud.’

2. Students will be divided into small groups. a. Group for the past – Students will research communication during the Civil War. b. Group for the present – Students will research communication during the War in the Middle East (Iraq)

3. Students will present past and present history of communication they may use posters, charts, and video clips to demonstrate.


1. Grade level rubrics will be used

2. Reading level materials

3. Assignments for the presentation

4. Modification - rubric


1. Students will participate in class discussions

2. Students will complete a research paper

3. Students will participate in a presentation to the class


1. Students will use literacy skills throughout the lesson.

2. Language arts writing task will be incorporated into class discussion review question after presentation.


1. Students will use white boards to answer trivia questions after presentations.

2.Which of the communication inventions during the Civil War are now obsolete? What replaced it?

3. Writing Task: Describe how the telegraph, photography or newspaper moved messages during the Civil War? ( two paragraphs)

Whole group: Use Venn diagram compare & contrast past/present communication of Civil War and Middle East War/s


Who had better ways of communication during the civil war? The union had better communication. We had the telegraph that Lincoln frequently used. Also we had trains that were amazing communication between the west and east of the United States

What forms of communication were there during the civil war They used pictures to show what was happening and also they made painting. They also had some forms of transportation that they used just for communication.

Submitted by: G. Cook