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Metals tend to be excellent conductors of electricity and are an invaluable component of electrical engineering


  • Alkali metals - the metals that compose the group 1 elements in the periodic table
  • Alkaline earth metals - the metals that compose the group 2 elements of the periodic table
  • Alloys - the mixture or solid solution of two or more elements
  • Aluminum - a silvery white metal of the boron group of elements, with the symbol Ai and the atomic number 13
  • Bismuth - a chemical element with the symbol Bi and the atomic number 83, used in cosmetics, pigments and other products
  • Digital alloys - alloys created for use in semiconductors and nanotechnology
  • Gallium - a chemical with the symbol Ga and the atomic number 31, is used as a marker of inflammation and disease among other uses
  • Indium - a chemical element with the symbol In and the atomic number 49, most often used to compose transparent electrodes in liquid crystal displays and touchscreens
  • Lanthanides - a series of fifteen metallic elements with the atomic numbers 57 through 71, along with scandium and yttrium, they are known as rare earth elements
  • Lead - an element in the carbon group with the symbol Pb and the atomic number 82, the highest number of all the stable elements
  • Metal foam - a cellular structure consisting of a solid metal, often aluminum, with a large number of gas-filled pores
  • Metallization - the coating of metal on non-metallic objects
  • Metalloids - elements that cannot be easily classified as a metal or nonmetal, including semiconductors such as silicon
  • Tin - a chemical element with the symbol Sn and the atomic number 50, not easily oxidized in air and so used to coat other materials
  • Transition metals - an element whose atom has an incomplete d sub-shell, or, commonly, any element in the d-block of the periodic table

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