MIM-23 HAWK PAR radar

The relationship between humanity and the environment is a delicate balance. Since the industrial revolution, the world's population has increased exponentially, and with the population growth, the environment has been profoundly affected. Deforestation, pollution and global climate changes are amongst the adverse effects the population and technological expansion has introduced. Included in this category are both subjects dealing with attempts to reduce the negative impact on the environment, and subjects which aim to gain a greater understanding of the environment itself.


  • Atmosphere - Topics pertaining to Earth's atmosphere including the ionosphere and magnetosphere
  • Biosphere - The Earth's biosphere encompasses all of its ecosystems and living beings
  • Cyclones - Issues relating to different kinds of cyclones such as hurricanes, tropical storms and typhoons
  • Earth - Topics which deal with the planet as a whole
  • Earthquakes - Massive forces of destruction, earthquakes present unique engineering challenges for infrastructure stability
  • Environmental factors - Environmental concerns that impact our daily lives including global warming and pollution
  • Environmental management - Topics related to active management of the environment
  • Geography - Concerns that apply to geographical areas such as cities, towns, rivers, forests
  • Geology - Topics dealing with the earth's crust and composition
  • Geophysics - The physics of the earth itself, including such topics like meteorology, seismology and tornadoes
  • Ice - Engineering concerns related to ice shelves, surfaces and thickness
  • Imaging - Devices which display an object's outward appearance
  • Levee - Dams which regulate the flow of water, sometimes used for hydroelectric power generation
  • Marine technology - Underwater technology and devices including various forms of equipment and structures
  • Oceans - Topics pertaining to all aspects of oceanic engineering
  • Volcanoes - Topics relating to volcanic activity, ash and planetary volcanoes

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