Category:Design methodology

Topics that pertain to design and creation, including critical thinking methods, sustainability and articulation.

The NASA wing-flow model and test apparatus mounted on the P-52 wing with a flow-direction vane


  • Design for disassembly - techniques designing products so they can be easily and responsibly disassembled or disposed of
  • Design for experiments - designing objects for experimentation
  • Design for manufacture - design objects for ease and facility of manufacturing
  • Design for quality - design to ensure quality production
  • Design for testability - design products to ensure resilience and ease of testability
  • Graphics - visual presentations on a surface
  • Process design - the design of processes for the physical and/or chemical transformation of materials
  • Product design - the designing of commercial products for sale or use
  • Prototypes - early samples or models built to test the feasibility and use of a product
  • Technical drawing - a drawing specifying the technical requirements of a product
  • User centered design - or UCD, also known as pervasive usability, a design process where the needs and wants of the end-user of a product are given foremost attention at each stage of design
  • Virtual prototyping - creating a simulated prototype product to be tested online