Caldwell McCoy

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Caldwell McCoy
Hartford, CT, USA
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Caldwell McCoy was born on 27 June 1933 in Hartford, CT and graduated from Weaver High School in that city. He earned his Bachelor of Science in EE from the University of Connecticut, and received both a Master of Science in Mathematics and a Doctor of Science in Telecommunications from George Washington University. He worked for 17 years at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. His area of expertise was computer equipment for underwater signaling and detection.

In 1983 he joined NASA as their Director of Information Systems Program. During his tenure he became a member of the Senior Executive Service, the highest rank that a civil service employee can attain.

Dr. McCoy was a member of IEEE and its Communications Society. He published papers in the IEEE Transactions on Communications. He was also a member of numerous other professional societies. The Dr. Caldwell McCoy Foundation was established in Hartford, CT, and a memorial scholarship was established in his honor at the Bloomfield Public Schools in Hartford. He passed away on 19 November 1990.