Bernard D. Loughlin

Bernard D. Loughlin
Bernard D. Loughlin
New York, NY, USA
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Associated organizations
Hazeltine Corporation
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Vladimir K. Zworykin Award


Bernard Loughlin (A'40, M'45, SM'53) was born in New York, NY, on May 19, 1917. He received the B.E.E. degree in 1939 and the E.E. degree in 1945, from Cooper Union. In 1946, he received the M.S. degree in electrical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Since 1939, he has been employed in research and development on FM and television receivers, IFF equipment, and color television at the Hazeltine Corporation, where he spent his entire career. In 1950 he invented the Shunted Monochrome color television and was awarded 122 patents during his career.

Loughlin received the Vladimir K. Zworykin Award in 1952 "For his outstanding contributions to the theory, the understanding and the practice of color television."

Loughlin died on December 25th, 2008.