Address of AIEE, IRE, and IEEE Headquarters and Offices

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Location of AIEE, IRE, and IEEE Headquarters and Offices
Location Date Society/building information Notes
127 E. 23rd St., New York City 13 May 1884 Organizational meeting
9 Murray St., New York City 1884 AIEE Headquarters
94 Liberty St., New York City 1885 AIEE Headquarters
16 Dey St., New York City 1886-1887 AIEE Headquarters
5 Beekman St., New York City 1888-1890 AIEE Headquarters
12 West 31st St., New York City 1890-1894 AIEE Headquarters
26 Cortland St., New York City 1894-1902 AIEE Headquarters
95 Liberty St., New York City 1902-1907 AIEE Headquarters
25-33 West 39th St., New York City 4 Feb. 1907 -- AIEE Headquarters Engineering Societies Building, Partially funded by Andrew Carnegie
2 Fulton St., New York City 1912 IRE
First informal meeting, Fayerweather Hall at Columbia University 1913 IRE Technical meetings
71 Broadway, New York City, 1914 1914 IRE, “first real office”
Trinity Building, 111 Broadway  c.1915-1918 IRE
Alfred Goldsmith’s office at College of the City of New York. 1918 – 1924 IRE
29 West 39th St., New York City 1924 - 1946 IRE Office of treasurer, John Hays Hammond
Brokaw Mansion, 1 East 79th St. cor. 5th Ave.47th S, New York City Purchased Dec. 1945 IRE Later purchased two other buildings
1 East 79th St., New York City 1946-1963 IRE
1 East 79th St., New York City 1963-1965 IEEE In February 1965, the Institute completed the sale of its three buildings that had served as the headquarters of the IRE at the corner of 79th St. and 5th Ave. in New York City, following its move to the United Engineering Center on 47th street. The main IRE building, the Brokaw Mansion, was soon demolished and replaced with a residential tower.
United Engineering Center, 47th St., New York City 1965-1998 IEEE
3 Park Avenue, NYC, 17th Floor IEEE structure built in 1973, 42 stories
IEEE USA in Washington, D.C. IEEE USA
Operations Center, Building 1, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway 23 Dec. 1971 Land Purchased, Early 1974 Construction started, Early 1974 Building 1 (first building) occupied, 14 Jan. 1975 occupied, 15 Jan. 1975 Operational IEEE More than 13 acres of land was purchased on 23 December 1971 from AT&T at a cost of $75,000 per acre. Actual construction did not start until early 1974 and the first building of the Center was occupied on 14 January 1975 and operational on 15 January with approximately 100 staff members. Operation Center was built in three stages; staff moved from the New York offices in graduated moves.
Operations Center, Piscataway, Building 2 14 Dec. 1988, Building 2 dedicated IEEE Dedicated building 14 Dec. 1988, By the end of 1989, the IEEE New Jersey Service Center housed 70% of the IEEE staff.
501 Hoes Lane (rented space) 1992 IEEE Rented part of building, 1992 Board approved expansion
Operations Center, Piscataway, Building 3 1992 IEEE Groundbreaking ceremony for Building 3 was held on 2 September 1992.
History Center, Rutgers Campus August 1990 IEEE History Center Moved from NYC to Rutgers campus in New Brunswick
Singapore April 1993 IEEE Asia-Pacific Customer Service Center In April, IEEE opened an Asia-Pacific customer service center in Singapore to provide for the needs of the increasing number of members in Region 10.
Brussels, Belguim Dec. 1993 IEEE Computer Soc./TAB office In December, the IEEE Computer Society/Tab office in Brussels became an IEEE European Operations Center to provide better service to members and customers in Region 8.
Beijing, China June 2007 IEEE Beijing Office, The IEEE Board of Directors decided in 2006 to establish the office, which is expected to focus on standards development, improving engineering education, and increasing membership. Beijing's Haidian Science Park
Bangalore, India 29 Oct. 2010 IEEE Bangalore Office IEEE opened an office in India's Bangalore central business district to increase its presence that country.
Shenzen Office, Shenzen, China 2016 IEEE Shenzen Office, China
Vienna, Austria 2018? IEEE Europe