Ada Henry Van Pelt

Ada Henry Van Pelt


Ada Henry Van Pelt was born in Kentucky in 1838 and was a temperance and suffrage activist, editor, lecturer, and inventor. She held several patents, notably one for an electric water purifier in 1912.

Van Pelt was editor of the weekly temperance paper Pacific Ensign, and wrote most of its content. She served a term as president of the Pacific Coast Woman's Press Association, and spoke about her work with the American Red Cross during the Spanish-American War in a lecture your in 1898, and wrote two plays that were produced in the San Francisco area.

Later in life she was an inventor, and holds a patents for an improved permutation lock, an "Apparatus for Utilizing Momentum," and an electric water purifier. In 1912 she became an honorary member of the French Academy of Sciences. She died in 1923.

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