Advocate assessment

Last year I exchanged a few e-mails with Robert Colburn and agreed to serve as Advocate; he gave me the address of Gilmore Cooke, the presenter.

I contacted Gilmore Cooke asking for clarifications and he told me he was aware more information, references and documents were needed. I've not seen any of them yet.

Anyway, this presentation is to recognize an Institution -not a project or a work, which is supposed to have played an important role during many years. As Dave pointed out, it doesn't quite fit the Milestone model.

In the proposed citation the importance of the laboratory during the two world wars is emphasized. We all know that many technological and scientific advancement took place during war times, -and that many non-military applications followed. It is in my opinion not at all clear if the IEEE as an international Institute dedicated to Excellence for the Benefit of Humanity will or should award a Milestone recognition to war efforts or military achievements?

Juancarlos20:30, 6 February 2014