Vintage Computer Festival

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Vintage Computer Festival

Although the computer dates from the mid-20th century, computer history hobbyists have alread made collecting vintage computers into a major hobby.  Perhaps the oldest and best-known gathering of these enthusiasts is the Vintage Computer Festival (VCF), founded on the West Coast of the U.S. in 1997.

The mission of the Vintage Computer Festival is "to promote the preservation of "obsolete" computers by offering people a chance to experience the technologies, people and stories that embody the remarkable tale of the computer revolution."[1]

In 2001, VCF East was begun as an East Coast extension of the festival. In May 2011, VCF East will be held at the InfoAge Science Center in Wall Township, NJ.

Through their events and through the Vintage Computer Festival Archives—a publicly accessible archive of computer hardware, software, literature and ephemera—VCF promotes interest in researching and documenting the history of the computer, as well as promoting the fun of playing with old computers.


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