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About Me

I am a licensed electrical engineer by vocation (bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field). I retired from the USAF after 20 years and currently work in the Analytical Services Sector on NGA Programs. I have spent the last 22 years in acquisition, research and development, test and operation of components and technology for such diverse bodies as the Template:W (the “Star Wars” people), the LANDSAT program, NASA, the DOD and DOE, and the governments of Template:W and the Template:W.

I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and currently hold a Professional Engineering license in the state of Template:W.

My professional profile can best be summarized as that of a technological adventurer. Over the past 24 years of education and work in the remote sensing and space industries, I have traveled to many of the most exotic places on earth to discover and document the odder aspects of our world and it’s surroundings. My techno-adventure travel portfolio includes meteor observation from Haleakala in Maui and on the Template:W steppes; volcano mapping over Mauna Kea on Hawaii; missile and satellite observation from the jungles of Template:W and the Template:W; rocket test support from Template:W, the Hebrides of Scotland, California, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee and Kauai; and satellite R & D in Washington (DC and State); Massachusetts, New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Maryland. I have operated sensors from research aircraft for the Army, Air Force and NASA (that last at 65,000 feet in a pressure suit WB-57F).

I am an active Template:W on the Template:W, SIPR and Template:I networks, with over 5600 edits and articles thus far, and am now edgeriding to this environment to crosspolinate. My avocations include skiing (expert); scuba diving (advanced certifications include night diving and search/rescue operations); singing (strictly amateur, but I met my wife singing Karaoke…); and piano (beginning student).

==Current Projects==
*Senior Technical Advisor to the Sensing Physics Office of InnoVision under the GeoSage SETA.
*EMPRESS Concept Development

Professional Experience

Recommended Reading List