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EDUCATION Professional Degree: Electrical Engineer (major in electronics), Universidad Nacional del Litoral (now U. N. de Rosario), Rosario, SF, Argentina, 1966.

03/1966 - 03/1968 - Post graduate fellowship Granted by the Argentinean National Research Council (CNICT, now CONICET) and the Argentinean National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA). Design of electronic instrumentation for nuclear physics experimental research at Centro Atómico Bariloche (CAB, CNEA)

12/1972 - 03/1974 - Post graduate fellowship Granted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the USA National Science Foundation (NSF). Design of digital nuclear physics instrumentation at ORNL, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND POSITIONS 12/2011 - Retired 1979 - 2011 - Data processing systems, computer networks and Internet 1966 – 1978 - Electronics instruments for nuclear physics and on-line data acquisition systems

Since 03/1966 at CNEA, National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina - In CAC Centro Atómico Constituyentes, Buenos Aires City. 1987 - 2011 - Network Manager, Physics Department, lately 'Gerencia de Investigacion y Aplicaciones (GIyA)

 	1979 -1987 - Teleprocessing and Operations Manager, Centro de Cálculo Científico (main computing center of CNEA)

- In CAB Centro Atomico Bariloche, San Carlos de Bariloche city (RN) 1968 – 1979 - Neutron Physics Division, electronic instrumentation design and support 1976 – 1978 - Head of the Engineering Support Services Division

 	1966 – 1968 - Post graduate fellowship (See Education)


UNIVERSITY TEACHING Various positions, from teaching assistant through professor, at Argentinean universities.

  • 1991 - 2004, Universidad del Ejército, Escuela Superior Técnica, Buenos Aires City

University open to army and civilian students.

  • 1993 and 1996, Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires City
  • 1986 - 1991, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires City.

1968 - 1978, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Instituto Balseiro, San Carlos de Bariloche City (RN) 1962 - 1965, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Rosario City (SF)

  • 1999, 2003, 2004 - EVALUATOR for the Argentinean Commission for University Accreditation and Evaluation (CONEAU.


  • IEEE. Life Senior Member (2010), SM (1998), M (1990), A (1967), S (1963 / IRE)

Computer, Communications, and Education Societies

  • SADIO Sociedad Argentina de Informatica (Argentina)
  • COPITEC Consejo Profesional de Ingenieria de Telecomunicaciones, Electrónica y Computación (Argentina), Life Member.

IEEE AWARDS 2000 - Millenium Medal (Argentina Section) 1997 - Region 9 'Oscar C. Fernandez' Distinguished Volunteer Award

IEEE VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES Volunteer since 1984, at a variety of positions in the Argentina Section, the Region 9 and IEEE Committees. Argentina Section Chair (1996), Vice Chair and Secretary, Technical and Educational activities coordinator, Newsletter editor (paper and electronic), web editor, etc. Participant in various Region 9 Regional Meetings and IEEE Boards Meetings and in IEEE Sections Congress 1996, 1999 and 2002. Lecturer on data communications subjects at courses and meetings organized by the Section.