Toshiba laptop

I really do not see how this nomination can proceed when the Data General One computer preceded it by several months (shipping in September 1984) and had every feature that the Toshiba had. In addition the Data General LCD display had the same aspect ratio as an IBM PC, while the Toshiba did not (it was reduced to about one-half in the vertical direction so that a circle displayed as an oval and rendering drawing programs, such as Autocad, difficult or impossible to use). And contrary to what was implied in the nomination, almost all software that was available at the time was, in fact, available on 3.5 inch diskettes for the Data General One. If you check my previous comments and attachments, you will see that the Data General One was the true pioneering IBM compatible laptop personal computer, and was recognized as such at the time.

JimReece22:06, 16 May 2013