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Let me start with the mundane: The section '''What features ...''' of the nomination document in line 12 states "...with them wit the software on a ...". the word "wit" should be "with".
I was pleased that the contribution was retitled to claim for the case only that the T-1100 was Toshiba's manifestation of its pioneering contribution of the development of laptop personal computers. However, the nomination document does not establish for me that the features of of the T-1100 represent a pioneering contribution in the evolution of laptop personal computers. However, that era and the several players collectively did set the direction for the evolution of labtop personal computers. And, it may be the concept of "anywhere, at anytime, by anyone" computing was a critical mind-set that Toshiba kicked off with the T-1100 during flurry of activity in the mid-1980s.

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