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I have added some additional documents on hydro power plant Jaruga. The first document "Development of Croatian Power System.pdf" is a scan of the historical book "Development of Croatian Electric Power System". We have translated some headlines of the book. This book describes the first hydro power plant in Dalmatia (Croatian coastal region) built by the company "Ante Supuk and Son". The hydro power plant was built in only 16 months. The allowed head was 25.8 meters, but only 10 m head was used. The vertical turbine Girard 320 HP was used. The generator was horizontal 320 kVA, 3000 V, 42 Hz. Electricity was transmissioned to the city of Sibenik using 4 wire (2phase) power line 11 km long. In the city of Sibenik the voltage was trasformed to 110 kV. The second document "Hydro Power Plants in Croatia.pdf" contains description of today's hydro power plant Jaruga 2, which was built near the location of the old hydro power plant Jaruga 1. The whole text is in English, and I marked in yellow the relevant parts describing the old hydro power plant Jaruga 1.

Best regards, Hrvoje Pandzic

Hpandzic19:45, 27 November 2012