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Thank you for your kind comments.

A timeline is included in the following paper: Of course, as any, this timeline does not list all early power systems.

In addition to the essentials you listed, I would certainly like to add "complete power system" (production, transmission, distribution, consumption). Some early power systems, such as some you listed were either for an experiment or for an exhibition; this one was not, it was intended as a commercial system supping a city (Šibenik) with (multiphase) electric power.

I could not find any (conclusive) proof that Nikola Tesla was in any way involved with the Krka-Šibenik power system. This would have also been unlikely, as the masterminds behind the Krka-Šibenik system worked for Ganz ( Krka-Šibenik was the first implementation of their 2-phase alternator (the "A2"). Several famous engineers worked at Ganz, including Károly Zipernowsky, who together with Miksa Déri and Ottó Bláthy, is credited for the construction (and patent) of the first transformer and several other important AC technologies. A large number of the Zipernovsky, Déri and Bláthy patents were first implemented in Ganz early power systems, including Krka-Šibenik.

Marko Delimar 3 September 2012, 3 September 2012