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I think this is a very good nomination. There seems to be a disconnect, however, between the milestone title on this site and the title as reported in the monthly milestone report. Which is the correct title?

    Feisel13:17, 21 June 2012

    The titles given in the monthly milestone report are WORKING TITLES ONLY and may be a shortened version of the titles (which may be unwieldy). Also, titles change as they progress from the proposal to the point where the citation is being carefully edited.

      Administrator414:41, 22 June 2012

      I agree that this is an outstanding nomination. I think the title and citation are fine.

        Donhjohnson15:30, 22 June 2012

        I agree with both the title and the citation wording. I look forward to this milestone's dedication.

          Lise Johnston17:25, 22 June 2012