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1. The proposer must be aware of the existing IEEE Milestone for Liquid Crystal Display (RCA), 1968 
Princeton, NJ, U.S.A., dedicated on 30 September 2006. This present proposal either duplicates, overlaps, or distracts from the IEEE Milestone that was approved.

Somewhere in the Wall Street Journal, I read that George Heilmeier gave credit to Sharp's great works by saying “I think you need to give the credit to the people who persevered and worked on LCDs for 25 years. I don’t spend too much time wringing my hands about it, but I have a lot of satisfaction knowing we had the same vision in the 1960s.” George Harry Heilmeier is an American engineer, a pioneering contributor to displays and is credited with the of LC-Display. Now George may not be able to spend time on this, but the IEEE History Center and this proposer must find time to mesh these great works properly.

2. Plaque Location: No IEEE plaque should be mounted in a private collection or a company museum behind closed doors that required the public to make an appointment. Mount the plaque outdoors or in the lobby.

3. The writeup says that Sharp has 'milestones' in their collection and that the world’s first mini calculator resides somewhere at the British Science Museum in London. For the sake of this proposal removed this company .

    Ggcooke19:06, 16 July 2013