Emergence of TFT-LCD Display Technology

Thank you for your suggestion to modify the citation

I have modified the citation, referring to RCA LCD group's beautiful pioneering work, and added a reference:B.J.Lechner, "History Crystallized_A First-Person Account of the Development of Matrix-Addressed LCDs for television at RCA in the 1960s",Information Display 1/08 p26-27

I tried to pay due respect to RCA LCD group I admire the most: their LCD research work on TV finished in 1969, according to Lechner's account, when I was still in the university, and I joined SHARP CRL in 1971 and started research on LCD for mini-calculator.

This is HISTORY.

Any modification and suggestion for improvement would be very much appreciated as I still have difficulties in English language as my second language.

Hiro47ghn21:16, 11 August 2013