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This is a good proposal.

1. Pic (13) Please identify the name of the utility shown with the 500 kv MOS. There is no 'Canadian electric company'.

2. Transmission and distribution systems have always been safe and reliable. Please don't imply that world utilities were waiting for Meindesha's MOSA for safe and reliable power system operations. Guard wires, the double lines, redundant towers, the best available LA, safety codes, have been successfully applied by electrical engineers for over a century. There are real advantages to MOSA but without failure statistics, I cannot say at this moment. Perhaps MOSA for gas insulated apparatus can be separated from overhead transmission lines?

3. Panasonic did license their zinc oxide varistors with leading world manufactures, eg. General Electric, ASEA and others. These enterprises were also involved with establishing international standards and raising performance levels.

    Ggcooke17:40, 16 July 2013