Milestone review 27 March 2013 [ Burger]

To: IEEE History Committee Kind Atten: Mr. David E. Burger, Vice Chairman 2013,

           Mount Colah Sydney, Australia.

Dear Mr. Burger,

We are pleased to learn from the Status Report that our proposal is now moved on the list of "B.3. Proposals Approved by Advocates and Awaiting Finalized Citations Approval from Proposers" from the previous "B.2.Proposals Submitted Awaiting Advocate Approval.

We understand the Milestone Proposal will go through the below review on documentation and citation.

Quote: 3. Review of the Proposal: Within three months of receipt of the milestone proposal the advocate shall complete an initial evaluation of the detailed documentation and present a recommendation whether to accept or reject the proposed milestone - including a draft of the final wording of the citation - to the IEEE History Committee for review and approval. This review process may require the submission of additional documentation that may extend the period for the review of the proposed milestone. The advocate shall coordinate the preparation of a draft citation with the proposers prior to the submission of a recommendation to the IEEE History Committee.


We appreciate your kind co-operation and advice on the above review.

Best regards,

Toshihisa Funabashi, Ph. D. (a Senior Member of IEEE) Meidensha Corporation Tokyo

Funabashi-toshi06:08, 29 May 2013