Milestone review 27 March 2013 [ Burger]

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The proposal on the MOSA device looks to be sound and no issues appear to become a point of controversy. Could i suggest the remainder of the submission be completed please, addressing the key points, and then would be happy to propose this Milestone for elevation:

  • 1. Milestone costs disbursement;
  • 2. Responsibility around the award ceremony organsiation;
  • 3. If there is any specific monitoring planned for the proposed Milestone plaque by an IEEE entity;
  • 4. A letter from the owner authorising permission to place the Milestone plaque at the proposed location; and
  • 5. Advice from the Tokyo Section Chair / Council (whichever is approriate here) supporting the Milestone proposal.


David E. Burger, IEEE History Committee, Vice-Chair 2013   (

Sydney, Australia.

    vk2cz06:02, 27 March 2013