The History of Natural Language Processing

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Hello! I am a student in the History of Computing class at San Jose State University ( This is a work in progress that will turn into a final article by the end of the semester. I welcome your comments and advice!

My official topic is: "The history and development of text based natural language processing." It is a very interesting topic to me and I have plans to go to the SRI with in the next two weeks or so and I will be posting more information as I go!

If any one has information they would like to share please email me at, or you can make a discussion about it.

Thank you very much and all input is helpful!

- Ryan Lichtig Sophomore SJSU Computer Science Major

About a week ago I went to SRI's AI center and spoke with a researcher there about general AI and the recent projects of NLP. He told me expert systems were still being researched and that the next 'big goal' of NLP would be computerized text extraction.

I also learned some various other things like that LISP was still being used around 30-40 years after it's creation, and that JAVA is being used as a GUI. Whether that was for his specific project or projects in general I do not know.

I have plans to go to the Computer History Museum sometime within the next two weeks as well as having interviews with at least three other AI and NLP specialists. As new information comes I will be posting.

On a side note I am attempting to learn basic LISP before the semester ends in the hope of completing a very small NLP project. Please post any and all suggestions for a simple program I can write. Thank you!