Schuyler Wheeler

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Schuyler Skaats Wheeler: Biography

Born: 1859/1860?
Died: 20 April 1923

Schuyler Skaats Wheeler was born in New York City. He graduated from Columbia University in 1881. After graduating, he worked as an electrician for Jablochkoff Electric Light Company and then the United States Electric Company. In 1883, he began working with Thomas Edison. He opened a number of electric light stations and supervised an Edison plant in Newburgh, New York. Wheeler then also briefly worked with C & C Motor Company, the first manufacturers of small electric motors.

After working with this variety of leading companies, Wheeler helped form the Crocker-Wheeler Company in 1888, of which he was president. The company survived a fire at its plant in 1895 by moving its manufacturing to large tents while a new factory was constructed. Wheeler designed a number of electric drives and motors, including some which were used in government printing offices and Washington D.C. elevators.

Wheeler served his community of colleagues. Along with eight others, he was one of the founders of the United Engineering Society. He purchased a significant collection of rare electrical books and donated them to the AIEE. He was AIEE president from 1905 to 1906. Wheeler was also a member of several other engineering organizations and the author of a number of articles. He died on 20 April 1923.

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