Oral-History:Women in Computing

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About Women in Computing Oral History Collection

In 1996-1998, Dr. Janet Abbate served as a post-doctoral fellow at the IEEE History Center. Her chief focus during her fellowship was the completion of her book on the history of the internet, Inventing the Internet(MIT Press, 1999).

Soon after, she chose as her next project a study of female participation in computer science and technology, with the goal of writing a book on the subject. A major part of her research for the project in 2001-2003 was conducting fifty-two oral histories with American and British women in computing. She contacted the IEEE History Center to see if it was interested in the project (it was) and if we would be willing to work with her, and preserve the finished oral histories

Now, a decade later she has finished this book, Recoding Gender: Women’s Changing Participation in Computing, (MIT Press, Fall 2012). With the book’s completion, the original oral histories are being made available for the first time to other researchers here through the IEEE Global History Network.

Today, Dr. Abbate is Associate Professor of Science and Technology in Society at the Northern Virginia campus of Virginia Tech University.

To date, the following oral histories from this project have been posted on the GHN. Additional oral histories will be posted over the next year.

Oral Histories