Oral-History:Westinghouse Electronic Systems

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Westinghouse Electronic Systems Oral History Project

In 2009-2010 The IEEE History Center undertook a joint project with the National Electronics Museum of Linthicum, Maryland to use oral history to document the history of the Westinghouse Electronics Systems Division of Baltimore, Maryland.  Westinghouse Electronics Systems provided research, development, and manufacture of a range of electronic equipment for the United States Armed Forces and other U.S. government agencies from 1938 until it was sold to the Northrup-Grumman Corporation in 1996. Northrup-Grumman continues to operate the division  today.

Among the product developed by Westinghouse Electronic Systems were a wide range of radar systems, air traffic control systems, airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) and the lunar Apollo-TV system.

The Westinghouse engineers interviewed for this project include:

Robert Dwight

Gene Strull

Wayne Fegely

Ben Vester

William Jones

Walter Ewanus