Oral-History:Japanese Engineers

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Japanese Engineers Oral History Project

The IEEE History Center and the History Committee of the IEE Japan collaborated on a project to record and edit oral history interviews with distinguished Japanese electrical engineers and managers. The interviews were conducted in English during 1994 by William Aspray. Japanese collaborators on the project were Dr. Yuzo Takahashi (Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology), Mr. Masahiro Maejima (National Science Museum), Mr. Eiju Matsumoto (Yokogawa Technology Museum). Mr. Kazuya Watanabe (TEPCO Museum Project/Tokyo Power Electric Co.), Mr. Shuichi Tsukahara (National Research Institute of Education), Dr. Takehiko Hashimoto (University of Tokyo), Mr. Takuji Okamoto (University of Tokyo), and Mr. Yasushi Kakihara (University of Tokyo). A grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation aided in the collection of these interviews.
The number that follows the interviewee's name is the interview's oral history code number, which uniquely identifies the interview in the History Center's archive. Please use this number when referring to an oral history.

Note: These interviews will be posted on the GHN in the near future. In the mean time, to read these interviews go to:


Tetsuo Fujimura (#203)
Kazuo Itoh and Kenji Kazato (#199)
Nobutoshi Kihara (#209)
Makoto Kikuchi (#215)
Yoshihiro Kyotani (#201)
Fusao Mori (#214)
Tsuneo Nakahara (#205)
Heitaro Nakajima (#207)
Shigeru Nakajima (#212)
Takanori Okoshi (#206)
Shoichi Saba (#213)
Tadashi Sasaki (#211)
Masatoshi Shima (#197)
Ken'ichi Shinoda (#202)
Michiyuki Uenohara (#198)

Sakae Yamamura (#210)
Susumu Yoshida (#208)