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This is an ongoing report showing the status of Milestones in the various stages of the process, updated continually by IEEE History Center staff. Milestones are listed with their docket numbers. The IEEE Region and the sponsoring organizational unit are shown in parentheses. Please note the titles given here are shortened or working titles, not the full or official titles. While in the approval process, proposals have a History Committee advocate assigned to them, whose initials are given in brackets. Proposals in progress can be viewed on the IEEE Global History Network at:    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Total dedicated milestones: 130, dedicated special citations: 1

Total Approved milestones: 131, approved special citations: 1

                                           A. ADVOCATES NEEDED FOR THE FOLLOWING MILESTONES:

2013-06 SPARC RISC Architecture (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section),_1987


 2013-09 Mark 1 Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (Region 1, Boston Section) 

2013-11 Ampex Videorecorder (Region 6)

                                                                         B. STATUS

                                B.1 Proposals Being Written on the GHN and Awaiting Submission

2013-03 First Breaking of Enigma Code by Polish Cipher Bureau [IE] (Region 8)  

2013-08 Birthplace of Silicon Valley [TB] (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)  

2013-10 20-inch Diameter Photomultiplier Tubes [SM] (Region 10, Nagoya Section)

2013-11 Ampex Videorecorder (Region 6)  

                                              B.2. Proposals Submitted Awaiting Advocate Approval

2011-06 First Industrial Scale Nuclear Reactor [EJ] (Region 6 Richland Section)

2012-05 Bell Laboratories Inc., The First 60 Years [DM] (Region 1 North New Jersey Section)  


2012-06 High Temperature Superconductivity [GC] (Region 5 Houston Section)

2013-01 Gapless Metal Oxide Surge Arrester [DB] (Region 10 Tokyo Section),1975  

2013-07 Cruft High Tension Laboratory [JCM] (Region 1, Boston Section),_Harvard_School_of_Engineering_and_Applied_Science  

2013-09 Mark 1 Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (Region 1, Boston Section)  

         B.3. Proposals Approved by Advocates and Awaiting Finalized Citations Approval from Proposers

2012-07 Line Spectrum Pair Technology for Speech Coding [MB] (Region 10, Tokyo Section),_an_essential_technology_for_high-compression_speech_coding,_1975  


                                    B.4. Proposals Ready for History Committee Action

2013-02 Unidirectional Microphone [APY] (Region 4 Chicago Section)  

2013-04 Sharp Thin-Film Transistor LCD [HK] (Region 10, Kansai Section)  

2013-05 (Region 7, Vancouver Section) [DBar] First Digitally Processed SAR Image  

                               B.5. Proposals Ready for Board of Directors Action

2011-07 Pioneering Laptop Computer [APY] (Region 10 – Tokyo Section)  

2012-04 First AIEE Technical Meeting [DBar] (Region 2 -- Philadelphia Section)  

2012-03 Krka-Sibenik Power System [EJ] (Region 8 Croatia Section)  

                       B.6. Dedications Scheduled or Being Planned, all Approvals Having Been Received

2012-02 Invention of Holography, 12 June 2013 (Region 8, UKRI Section)   

                 B.8. DEDICATIONS HELD IN 2012 (For a list of all Milestones dedicated, see List of Dedicated Milestones )

2010-04 Field Effect Electron Microscope, 31 January 2012 (R10 -- Tokyo)

2010-03 G3 Facsimile, 5 April 2012 (R10 – Tokyo Section)

2011-09 Low Loss Optical Fiber, 1 May 2012 (R1 -- Photonics Society)

2011-02 B&O Railroad electrification 21 June 2012 (R2 – Baltimore Section)

2010-10 LORAN, 27 June 2012 (R1 – Boston Section)

2010-11 Whirlwind Computer 27 June 2012 (R1 – Boston Section)

2011-04 SAGE system, 27 June 2012 (R1 – Boston Section)

2009-09 First Reliable HV Fuse, 3 August 2012 (R4 – Chicago Section)

2011-08 Floating Gate EEPROM, 21 August 2012 (R6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

2009-05 Bose experiments in radio, 15 September 2012 (R10 – Central India)

2009-04 Raman Effect, 15 September 2012 (R10 – Central India Section)

2009-06 Bar Code, 22 October 2012 (R2 Philadelphia Section),_1948  

2012-01 First Optical Fiber Laser and Amplifier, 26 October 2012, Photonics Society 

 2011-05 Rincon del Bonete [LF] (R9 – Uruguay Section)  


2009-07 Eel River HVDC Converter (R7) 24 February 2011
2009-12 Mercury Spacecraft controls 24 February 2011 (R5)
2010-01 SPICE Circuit Simulation Program 20 February 2011 (R6)
2010-05 Discovery of Superconductivity 8 April 2011 (R8)
2008-18 Marconi’s First Wireless Experiments, 29 April 2011 (R8)
2010-06 Pearl Street Station, 10 May 2011 (R1)
2010-08 Lunar Module 20 July 2011 (R1)
2009-13 First Satellite Broadcast to the Public, 18 November 2011 (R10 – Tokyo Section)
2010-09 Real-Time Packet Switching 8 December 2011 (R1 – Sig Proc Soc.)
2010-02 Apollo Guidance Computer 13 December 2011 (R1 Boston Section)

                                           C. POTENTIAL MILESTONES BEING RESEARCHED OR EXPLORED

'                                                                  '(that History Center staff are aware of) High performance Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) and Related Products Hamamatsu Photonics developed the largest PMT for the Nobel prized KAMIOKANDE and other applications. (R 10)

Perpendicular Magnetic Recording, 1977 Cellular radio First All-Electronic Television Broadcasts (BBC) London to

Adelaide telegraph line  Weston meters Charles Kao optical fiber (R8 UKRI Section) John Logie Baird television (R8 UKRI Section)

Harrisons clock (R8 UKRI Section) Photovoltaic effect (R8 – France)  Ampex (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

CP/M (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

SPARC (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

386 Micro (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

Apple MAC+ (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

Apple I (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

Apple II (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

4004 Micro (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

Shockley Labs (Region 6, Santa Clara Valley Section)

                                                         D. OTHER MILESTONES ACTIVITY

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