Milestones:IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, 1960 - 1984

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IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, 1960 - 1984

In its first quarter century, the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center produced numerous seminal advances having sustained worldwide impact in electrical engineering and computing. Semiconductor device innovations include dynamic random access memory (DRAM), superlattice crystals, and field effect transistor (FET) scaling laws. Computing innovations include reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture, integer programming, amorphous magnetic films for optical storage technology, and thin-film magnetic recording heads.

The plaque may be viewed at: 1101 Kitchawan Road, Route 134, Town of Yorktown, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598-0218

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 41o 12’ 40”
Longitude: -73º 48’ 11”