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Evaluation of Proposal011:28, 3 August 2013

Evaluation of Proposal

The Rheinfelden Power Plant is really worth of becoming an IEEE Milestone:

- First, it was an early and trail-blazing example of an AC three-phase Installation, that showed the benefits of the system, now employed world-wide.. - Its original Power, 12.5 MW was at the time an impressive value, record in Europe.

- Its choice of a frequency of 50 Hz, which has later been adopted almost world-wide. (with notable exceptions in America)

- It was made "across the river” between two countries, Germany and Switzerland, setting an early example of international collaboration in infrastructure projects for the benefit of the Humanity - The power lines that spread from this plant were the basis of the present European interconnected Network

- Some of its units have completed many, many years of service, some of them were decommissioned in 2011.

- The documentation –including the old german documents, is excellent, and supportive of the proposal.

The technical innovations and the benefits that this project brought to the life of german and swiss people more than fulfill the requirements for a Milestone.

In my opinion, this proposal deserves to be approved by the History Committee and sent to the IEEE Board of Directors fro approval as an "IEEE Milestone" The proposed Citation reflects those facts.

Juan Carlos Miguez Milestone 20123-17 advocate

Juancarlos11:28, 3 August 2013