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Rincon del Bonete Hydroelectric Plant and Transmission System, 1945 

In December, 1945, much-needed hydroelectric power began flowing from here to other parts of Uruguay.
World War II had interrupted the work of the German consortium led by Siemens, but a Uruguayan engineers reformulated and completed the project using United States-supplied equipment.
The large artificial lake spurred further Rio Negro electrification; availability of abundant, clean hydroelectricity was a turning point in Uruguay's development and quality of life.

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As the German contractor could not complete the work, Uruguayan engineers decided to study the project and take charge of its reformulation employing electromechanical equipment manufactured in the USA.
The challenge (w/o precedents) required deep study, a lot of dedication, a dose of ingenuity and application of sound engineering principles.
The project culminated with the mounting and commissioning of the imported equipment made entirely by Uruguayan engineers and technicians trained by them.
All this was made during difficult war times. The successful completion marked a very high point in the history of engineering in Uruguay.

The big artificial lake (1070 Square Km) was at that time the largest in LatinAmerica, and its capacity allows the generation of Power for 4 months, even during a drought.

Rincon del Bonete set an example as the country turned to clean renewable Hydropower, replacing burning of costly coal imports.
It set the stage for the industrial development, and the development of the electric Transmission System allowed hydroelectric energy for rural electrification and welfare of the whole population of the country.

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