Jorma Ollila

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Under Jorma Ollila's direction, Nokia in Espoo, Finland, has been a leader in the worldwide mobile communications boom. His leadership transformed the company from a national conglomerate into a global presence, with a reputation for technical innovation and strong management practices. During his 18-year tenure, Nokia has been admired and respected for its grasp of emerging mobile technologies.

Dr. Ollila worked for Citibank in London before moving to Nokia in Finland in 1985. After just one year in the company, he became senior vice president of finance and a member of the Group Executive Board. He was later named president of Nokia's mobile phone division, where he played a major role in making mobile communications ubiquitous. He was appointed president and chief executive officer in 1992 and chairman of the board and chief executive officer in 1999. Since then, he has been honored as one of the 25 most influential CEOs by Time magazine, one of the top 25 Executives of the Year by Business Week, and CEO of the Year by Industry Week.

Dr. Ollila has received numerous honors, including the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of Germany; the Order of Merit and Officer's Cross of Hungary; and the Order of White Star of Estonia. He has been named Commander, 1st Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland and Commander of the Order of Orange-Nassau. He is a Board member of the Ford Motor Company and UPM-Kymmene and is a member of the European Round Table of Industrialists.