Joe C. Campbell

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Joe Charles Campbell is a leading innovator in the field of photonics for his role in the development of laser light detectors used in fiber optics systems in telephone and other telecommunication systems to receive voice and data over fiber optics. Dr. Campbell is recognized for his significant contributions in high-speed, low-noise avalanche photodiodes (APDs), which have led to key advancements in this field. Dr. Campbell’s avalanche photodiodes are able to convert pulses of light into electrical information during long distance telecommunications at high speeds with very low distortion or noise. He is currently a Lucien Carr Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. An IEEE Fellow, he has co-authored eight book chapters and more than 300 conference presentations. Dr. Campbell has previously received the IEEE William Streifer Achievement Award from IEEE LEOS, the Nicholas Holonyak Award from the Optical Society of America and was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering.