IEEE Tulsa Section History

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Section Officers

IRE Tulsa Section Chairmen 1951-1962

Announcement of the formation of the IRE Tulsa Section appeared in the IRE Proceedings August 1951, p. 973. As there was no way of determining exactly either from the IRE Constitution and By-laws of from the IRE Proceedings when the term of office began for Section chairmen, the following list is arranged chronoloigcally according to the date of the issue of the Proceedings in which the name of each was given. Section chairmen were listed bimonthly: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov. 

Date of Issue Chairman
Dec 1951, Jan-May 1952 Dr. Daniel Silverman (1st Chairman)
Jul-Nov 1952 W.D. Fuller
Jan-Jul 1953 C.E. Buffum
Sep-Nov1953, Jan-Jul 1954 C.E. Day
Sep-Nov 1954, Jan-Sep 1955 C.F. Hadley
Nov 1955 - Jul 1956 Glen Peterson
Sep-Nov 1956, Jan-May 1957 J.D. Eisler
Jul-Nov 1957, Jan-Sep 1958 R.L. Atchison
Nov 1958 R.S. Finn
Nov 1959 R. Broding
1960 N/A
Jan-May 1961 H.B. Ferguson
July 1961 "Chairman to be advised"
Sep 1961-May 1962 P.M. Ferguson
Jul-Nov 1962 R.C. Zongker

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