IEEE Trinidad and Tobago Section History

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IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Trinidad and Tobago

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Sub-section Background

The Trinidad and Tobago Subsection of the IEEE was created on February 13th, 2003 after being approved by the Region 9 Regional Activitites Board (RAB). The subsection was led by an interim steering committee who later became the first executive of the IEEE Subsection. This executive comprised of:

Chairman - Alvin Lutchman
Vicechairman - Chandrabhan Sharma
Treasurer - Cathy Radix
Secretary - Fernando Castellanos
Public Relations Officer - Ravi Shukla

The Trindad and Tobago Sub-section was to the nearby Colombia Section.

Background as Section

On November 12th, 2005, the Board of Directors of the IEEE, based on the recommendation of the Region 9 Director, Francisco Martinez, approved the elevation of the IEEE T&T Subsection to Full Section status.

Today, the IEEE T&T Section comprises of over 200 members, five chapters, the GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Affinity Group and the Student Branch of the T&T Section.

The Trinidad and Tobago Section maintains very close ties with the Colombia Section, mainly due to expat travel and business links between the two Countries.

Section Officers

The Trindada and Tobago Section chair attended the 2008 IEEE Sections Congress in Quebec City.