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Section Background

The Taegu Section is part of Region 10, and was formed on 11 May 1992. It is represented at the IEEE Korea Council. There is an alternated spelling sometimes used Daegu.


Seminar: (2009.5.20.) Dr. Binoy Ravindran, Virginia Tech

    Topic: Energy-Efficient Real-Time Scheduling and Resource Management for Dynamic, Mobile Embedded Systems

Seminar: (2008.11.5) Dr. Yufeng Jin, Peking University

   Topic: An overview of MEMS research in Peking university

Seminar: (2008.8.25) Dr. Meyya Mayyappan

   Topic: Carbon nanotube-based nanotechnology

Seminar: (2008.5.14) Nanotechnology and nano devices related 5 lectures

Seminar: (2008.4.25) Dr. Cha Eun Jong

   Topic: Respiratory air flow transducers

Administrative meeting: (2008.3.21)

Section Officers

Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1992 Yeong-Ho Ha - - -
1993-94 Wu-Il Lee Son Hyon - Kim D Duk-Gyoo
1995-96 Son Hyon Sooyoung Chang - Kim D Duk-Gyoo
1997-98 Son Hyon Sooyoung Chang - Kim D Duk-Gyoo
1998-2000 Yeong-Ho Ha Jin-Ho Cho Jae Y Nam Jae Y Nam
2001-2004 Yeong-Ho Ha - Jae Y Nam Jae Y Nam
2005-2006 Kim D Duk-Gyoo - Dong S Han Dong S Han
2007 - - - -
2008-2009 Jin-Ho Cho Jae Y Nam Dong-Hun Kim Jeehyun Kim
2009 Jin-Ho Cho - Dong-Hun Kim Jeehyun Kim