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The IEEE South Australia Section was chartered in 1986 with Dr Don Sinnott (now FIEEE) the Foundation Chair. Since that time it has grown steadily in membership and activity from 154 (1987) to more than 400 today (see Membership statistics). It is one of the smaller Sections numerically within Australia, and is larger than Nth Queensland and ACT Sections.

The SA Section has won the Region 10 small section award twice since the inception of that award, in 2005 and 2007.

Section Officers

South Australian Section Officers
Year Chair
1986-1988 Don Sinnott
1989-1991 Harry Green,
1992-1994 D. (Nanda) Nandagopal
1995-1997 Noel Martin
1998 Andrew Parfitt
1999-2001 Bevan Bates
2002-2004 Michael Evans
2005-2006 Zia Ahmed,
2007-2008 Arek Dadej
2009 Leigh Powis