IEEE Shin-etsu Section History

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The Shin-etsu section is part of the [[IEEE Japan Council History|Japan Council], and was inaugrated on June 26, 2006. The first business startup meeting was held on September 30th, 2006, with Prof Seiichi Takeuchi (R10 Director 2005/6) attending. Standing committees and office bearers were elected on December 17, 2006.

At commencement, the Shin-etsu section had 4 Fellows, 13 Senior Members, 160 Members, 12 Associates and 15 student members, for a total of 204.

Takashi Sato, Region 10 meeting representative 2007.

The Shin-etsu section is located in the city of Niigata, and encompasses the Shin-etsu area which comprises the Nagano and Niigata Prefectures.

Section Officers

Year Chair Vice-chair Secretary Treasurer
2006 Masakazu Sengoku Kiyohito Yamasawa Takashi Sato Shiro Handa
2007 Masakazu Sengoku Kiyohito Yamasawa Takashi Sato Shiro Handa
2008 Masayuki Okamoto Kiyoshi Ohishi David Asano Katsuyuki Yamazaki