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IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Shikoku


The IEEE Shikoku Section is located in Region 10, and was formed on 14 November 1998. It is represented at the IEEE Japan Council.


  • The CAS Shikoku Chapter received the R10 Chapter of the Year Award.
  • Launched a new Student Branch at Tokushima University.
  • Student paper contest:

Five students who did excellent presentation in English at Shikoku-section Joint Convention of the Institutes of Electrical and related Engineers 2008 were given IEEE Presentation Award (Shikoku Section). They were elected out of 66 students.

  • Mitsuki Kitani (Kagawa University)
  • Shingo Tomonaga (Oita University)
  • Shuichi Aono (Tokushima University)
  • Hiroyuki Asahara (Oita University)
  • Samia Rahman (Tokushima University)

Section Officers

Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1998-1999 Saburo Tazaki - - -
2000 Shiro Sakai - Katsushi Nishino Yoshiki Naoi
2001 Seiji Hata Kazunori Shimamura Shigeaki Ogose Hideyuki Sawada
2002 Kazunori Shimamura Kazuo Ono Masahiro Fukumoto Masanori Hamamura
2003-2004 Kazuo Ono Yoneo Yano Shinji Tsuzuki Mayumi Matsunaga
2005-2006 Yoneo Yano Shigeaki Ogose Hiroaki Ogata Hiroyuki Mitsuhara
2007-2008 Shigeaki Ogose Katsushi Iwashita Hiroyuki Tarumi Hideyuki Sawada
2009 Katsushi Iwashita Shinji Tsuzuki Yukinobu Hoshino Kazunori Ueda