IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section History

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Дали сте и вие член на Македонската Секција на ИЕЕЕ? Ако сте и ако имате корисни информации ве молиме да го дополните материјалот користејќи ја опцијата Edit

Republic of Macedonia Section Homepage

IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Republic of Macedonia

IEEE In Former Yugoslavia

IЕЕE in Republic of Macedonia

First individual IEEE members in Macedonia exist from early 1970’s. In 1990 number of 10 IEEE members has been reached. After the splitting of SFRY and formation of the new IEEE Yugoslavia Section (1992) the IEEE members from Macedonia have started several activities in order to increase the member number in order to reach the critical number, defined by IEEE Bylaws, for Section formation. The initiative board was established. Its duty was to organize activities and to recruit new members in order to satisfy the IEEE Bylaws. Finally, in summer 1996 the limit of 50 members was exceeded and petition for IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section was prepared. In October 1996, Jordan Kolev, the chair of the very new Bulgaria Section invited IEEE representatives from Macedonia to meet in Sofia the R8 Director Peer Martin Larsen and the IEEE President Wallace Read (passed away in 2011) (Fig. 1). The two representatives have been invited to attend the Section Congress 1996 in Denver, USA. At the same time the petition for Section formation has been submitted to the IEEE RAB. This action had, also, great support from Raymond Findley (1996 IEEE Vice President for Regional Activities and 2002 IEEE President). In January 1997 Republic of Macedonia and its IEEE members were visited by IEEE 1997 President, Charles “Chuck” Alexander (Fig. 2). The Republic of Macedonia Section has officially been approved on February 14th 1997 (Fig. 3). In September 1997 the 1996 IEEE President Wallace Read visited Republic of Macedonia Section. During his visit he received the highest Section Award for his support in Section formation (Fig. 4).

IЕЕE Republic of Macedonia Section

The IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section is located in Region 8 and was formed in 1997. The centre for most activities is around Skopje. While not represented with any IEEE Council, there is close co-operation between the other Balcan Sections and chapters.

IЕЕE Republic of Macedonia Section Today

This year the IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section celebrates its 15th aniversary. The IEEE Republic of Macedonia section has in total 246 active members. The member counts by grade is: 1 fellow, 1 life senior member, 21 senior members, 86 members, 48 graduate student members, 80 student members, 6 associates, 3 affiliates. The saction has 8 chapters:

  • C16
  • COM19
  • SP01/EMB18
  • PE31
  • IE13/IA34/PEL35
  • ED15/IM09/SSC37
  • CAS04/CIS011/CS23
  • IT12

one [Student branch]

and one affinity group:

  • WIE.

Current Section Elected Officers 2012-2013

  • Section Chair - Goce L. Arsov
  • Section Vicechair - Suzana Loskovska
  • Section Secretary - Mile Petkovski
  • Section Treasurer - Dimitar Taskovski
  • Immediate Past Chair - Vladimir Dimcev
  • Student Activities - Pero Latkoski
  • Membership Development - Lupco Karadzinov
  • Student Branch Chair - Iva Matic

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